Veterinary Hospital Marketing


Wagly was an all-in-one vet services company startup in Seattle, Washington. We charged with all aspects of all digital marketing for this company including Landing page creation, Adwords campaign setup and management, Facebook/Instagram marketing, Yelp, and Email Marketing. We marketed to three locations, Seattle, San Francisco, and Orange County, California. We tested location-based imagery and also pet sitter/walker profiles to gain trust from prospective families. We did over 700K in sales in July 2019 and over 1.5 million during the summer. They are disrupting the Vet Services industry.

Marketing Strategy Services

Data Analytics

Marketing Automation


Recap of optimizations from the previous month.

  • Increased spend while optimizing our paid search campaigns to drive growth.
  • Launched 4th of July boarding campaigns with display ads.
  • Sent email marketing campaign to encourage boarding for 4th of July.
  • Redesigned Service pages and added content pages.
  • Implemented SEO best practices across all service and content pages.
  • Developed landing pages for A/B testing.
  • Analyzed HeatMap data for Conversion Rate Optimization • Email retention campaigns launched and continued through July
  • Added new traffic platforms with display and Bing.
  • Google rep review of account structure and optimizations.


Wagly Marketing Funnel


Upcoming actions and optimizations

  • Display ad campaigns for all services.
  • Continued test of landing pages and new text ads.
  • Budget optimization based on June data to reduce CPAs.
  • Expansion of social campaigns to include engaging formats like collections and videos.
Google Adwords Ads Performance For July