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I absolutely love what UIUX Studios did for my business! They have a great team that went above & beyond refining aspects of my business that I was struggling to perfect. UIUX Studios have improved my business in ways I never would have imagined. I am so grateful to be working with this company, they definitely made my dreams become a reality. Their team is very reliable, creative and trustworthy. I have tried working with many other companies over the years yet by far they are the most experienced and professional app development team I have come across. I love working with their friendly team and will always continue working with them on all my future projects. Thank you UIUX Studios for pointing out a way to achieve my goals and educating me on opportunities that wouldn't have been possible before.

Andrew Guild

"The unique design flair the team brought to the site was very impressive."
The platform successfully launched, and the client is pleased with the results. The UIUX Studios team maintains a seamless workflow, quickly turning around high-quality deliverables. The goal of this project was to build an easy to navigate website that could be hosted in a multi-language format. The Website needed to the farming communities.

Jonathan Metcalfe

"I'm blown away with what was delivered."
The website isn't live yet, but internal stakeholders are pleased with how the engagement is progressing. The UIUX studios specialists' design capabilities and interpretation of the scope have been impressive. An agile team, they've remained under budget and ahead of schedule.

Jacques Opperman
Blue Basic India

"The UIUX Studios team did what they were asked to do and more."
They delivered a visually appealing, functional, and user-friendly website that was met with a positive response. It resulted in increased visits and received interest from executive leadership. The team managed the project excellently, and they were an extremely skilled design partner.

Vipin Shri
FPO Database

"They're very patient and bring excellent ideas to the table. … I’ve enjoyed working with them."
Our old website was very traditional and outdated. UIUX Studios built a new website for us that was more modern and high-tech. They developed the image that we wanted and helped us create a local website for our parent company, which is based in India and has a lot of unique requirements. They also created a corporate logo for our parent company.
The internal team is impressed with the design and the structure of the websites. UIUX Studios presented multiple proposals to help clarify the vision and then delivered an outstanding product, while their expertise and professionalism contributed to the positive experience.

Claire Law
Yoga Class

"What I loved was that their team made sure to design for our overall goals."
UIUX Studios helped us with the creative process. We gave them parameters such as our company colors and colors to avoid. Unlike other agencies, their team asked about what experience we wanted our end users to have upfront. They understood what we wanted to do before starting the design phase.
We wanted to launch the website prior to a big project announcement. Because of the deadline, we had to prioritize a couple of tasks. We launched the website, but their team’s making changes. They’re also hosting our website, which includes updates.
The YOGA booking website not only satisfies internal stakeholders but also features... MORE

Kristi Nelson (Chief Marketing Officer)
Delivery App

"They have a good team of developers with a good project manager, so I suggest working with them."
The team at UIUX Studios provided a skilled and efficient service. They're supportive, reliable, and trustworthy. While there were initial miscommunication issues, they still delivered upon expectations.
I searched Google and found many companies that I thought were good at work and communication.
When I had a proposal from them and met with those companies' project managers, I felt most confident with UIUX Studios. They’re good at communication and are cost-effective compared to other companies.
They provided the CVs of their skilled developers. After a discussion with our team and management, we decided to work with them.
I don’t have any objection against them. My experience with them is very good... MORE

Brent Brooks (Director of Strategic Marketing, Global Networks)
Online Dating App

"UIUX Studios stands out in terms of overall professionalism and service."
UIUX Studios is a professional partner who has provided useful support thus far. The team is extremely communicative and provides great customer service, and their responsiveness sets them apart. The team's diligence is also noteworthy.
Their communication is exceptional, and they’ve met the deadlines. There have been some delays due to COVID-19, and I decided to delay the launch. We’re mainly using chat, and we’ve had some Skype calls as well.
I searched for top-rated app developers in India, which I know has significantly lower prices than New York (USA). UIUX Studios ended up at the top of many of my searches, so I sent them a message. They responded really professionally, and they were inexpensive... MORE

Alexis Neel (Digital Marketing Specialist, NEAS Corporation)
MPR Database Webapp

"We asked them for the world, and they gave us a whole universe."
Creating a robust database and functionality, the team impressed their partner with their deliverables. They proved to be dynamic, flexible, and accommodating. Customers can expect a team that communicates effectively and takes feedback into account when developing products.
They were phenomenal, which is why I chose to leave them a review. I wanted to go out of my way to do this because we asked them for the world, and they gave us a whole universe.
We were very ambitious about our requirements and are still working with them. We’re now on our second contract with them for another application. They were very dynamic in their responses. We needed a very robust database for analytics, which they created superbly... MORE

Steve Karr (Senior Manager, Creative and Web Services, Bluetooth SIG)
Kindergarten Webapp

"Their technical expertise and quick understanding of our needs enabled a smooth project from start to finish."
Though still in the product’s early stages, UIUX Studios robust team has already demonstrated their ability to deliver outstanding quality at a reasonable price. They encourage collaborative and transparent engagement, but can apply their in-depth industry expertise more regarding design opinions.
I knew Indian companies tend to produce top-notch apps at affordable prices, so I searched Google for “best web development companies in India.” I shortlisted several of the companies that appeared on multiple lists, one of which was UIUX Studios. After conducting more thorough research and sending out inquiries, UIUX Studios ultimately ranked the highest... MORE

Tarek Oraby (Owner, Click4Services)

"I know they do other work for clients, but the team seemed invested in our project and wanted to see us succeed."
Internal and external users find the site UIUX Studios built to be much more user-friendly than its predecessor and a better representation of the brand. The helpful, dedicated team beat the deadline despite deleterious events beyond their control. Their work is a high value-for-money proposition.
Despite being a very well-respected and large organization, the company’s brand hasn’t often been a priority. The marketing department is still new, and we’ve focused on making sure our brand indicates the important work we do.
We had an old website that wasn’t user- or mobile-friendly and was difficult for us to update, so we knew we needed a new one. Lastly, we wanted... MORE

Tarek Oraby (Owner, Click4Services)
BPN Portfolio

"UIUX Studios did a good job, working from our challenging brand proposition."
Every element of the site struck an excellent balance between professionalism and approachability. It also drew client interest, producing longer session times and an eightfold increase in inbound leads. UIUX Studios won praise for their responsive, flexible approach.
We had an antiquated website. It wasn’t responsive, lacked inbound lead capture features, did not work on mobile devices and didn’t represent our brand well.
The website was also starting to age technically. It had been built on a platform that was no longer supported, and we had trouble editing content.
I wanted a website that would bring us better SEO, would capture inbound leads better, which could be edited, and optimized and which would better represent our brand... MORE

Debbie Jurasek (Director of Marketing, BPN)
RAE Software

"Their best quality was their communication and ability to understand what we require."
The app performs well and is currently in its second beta testing and development stage. UIUX Studios responds promptly to questions, accurately carried out requests, and explained each phase of the project clearly and comprehensively.
They gave me a project manager, mobile iOS and Android app developers, testers, web developers, and graphic designers. The size of the team was fixed. The project manager was great. He understood my requirements clearly and executed them well.
We used to manage communication through their internal project management software. We’ve also have been communicating through Skype and phone calls.
Their best quality was their communication and ability... MORE

Brendan Buchholz (Founder, Cool Charm Friends)

"We have received amazing support from their team."
UIUX Studios provided excellent service and coding, and their work exceeded the client's expectations. They have been retained indefinitely for technical support and software updates.
We were trying to find a company that had good experience with building mobile applications and that could provide us the best UX, app coding, support. We have also searched in many countries like Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, USA, and others. But after doing some research, we found UIUX Studios, and their work experience and overall profile matched exactly our requirements over others. Their whole team is very knowledgeable and they have provided us many good ways to make our app more user-friendly and competitive in the market... MORE

Mohammad Abdullah (Founder, Dimensions)
Medical Clinic

"We’re happy with the work so far."
Although the app is still in its soft launch, UIUX Studios work meets its client’s expectations. The team is organized and great at accommodating extra feature requests. Areas for improvement include a more streamlined mode of communication and fewer project delays.

Dr. MD Quadir (Co-Founder, Laseran Clinic)

Other Testimonials

We are “THE” choice for any tech start-ups, businesses, and or brands.

Brian Kent

Working with UIUX Studios team was a pleasure - the quality of work executed was done with a high levels of skills and excellent communication. There availability to answer our concerns or questions made my job much easier. I would truly recommend them to my colleagues as we continue to work with them on other projects.

Dr. Deepak Dawar

UIUX Studios team was fantastic to work with on the high def wire frames and concept development for the v2.0 version of our site. They always came with tons of innovative ideas and thoughts and really help us move the site from old and stale to fresh and reinvigorating! From Photography to website design development, and marketing I highly Recommend UIUX Studios Team.

Tamara Pulsts

UIUX Studios Team did a beautiful job on designing a set of pages for my website. Clean, modern look and smart user design solutions. I will definitely hire them again!