Our phased approach provides a roadmap to take new technology from idea to reality.


1. Strategy & Planning

A map always gives you direction. To head towards your design pathways, we draw upon a plan of action with proper documentation and systematic flowcharts so as to chalk out the dynamics of the brand as per the market forces.

  • Project Plan

  • Technology Assessment

  • Documentation Assessment

  • Project Planning

  • Risk and Feasibility Planning

  • Regulatory Path

2. Wireframe & Prototyping

Visions are stamped through outlines. In order to give the structure a layout, we draft detailed sketches that provide the information architecture for the apps or the websites. With all the high fidelity wireframes designed in Axure, we take the page schematic process altogether to a new level.

  • Contextual Research

  • Design Inputs and Requirements Definition

  • Human Factors Requirements

  • Initial Concept Ideation

  • Wireframing Low/High Fidelity

3. Design & Development

Going with the app’s flow, we combine the designed screens in the final PSD’s to get all the UI elements together. With Invision App we create the high fidelity prototype with interaction, we keep an eye for detail when it comes to graphics or for that matter screens as well.

After laying the foundation through the bricks of design, we build the techie wall for the apps or sites through coding formats. Yes, now is the time to execute all our plans to give you a kick-ass product that provides an awesome user experience. In order to gear the technical march, we use HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS for the purpose of web. For Native App Development we use Swift and Kotlin. Examining all the pros and cons, we aspire to give an outcome that derives maximum satisfaction and is an out-and-out live version of the customer’s vision.

  • Proof of Concept

  • System Architecture

  • Design & Engineering

  • Applied Human Factors

  • Formative Usability Evaluations

  • Design Outputs

4. Product Realization

After the technical engines are fueled, the sites and apps have to undergo testing and deploying so as to make them foolproof for the final showtime. Our studio uses advanced tools to check the compatibility on various browsers and devices as well as app stores and markets.

  • Testing

  • Design Transfer

  • Manufacturing Liaison

  • Production Ramp

  • Market Launch