Kindergarten Webapp

The software solution for Kindergartens, schools and clubs


Scope of work

The project involved UX, UI and Graphic Designers working hand in hand with the Development Team with a single goal - to provide an improved end to end experience for website visitors.


Design System

We decided it was time to transfer dozen of in-house run applications into the 21st century and prepare the Objectivity Design System. With a holistic approach, we were able to translate the apps into a list of re-usable components and focus on simplifying the overall experience between the apps, while having an easy-to-maintain centralized design language.


Kindergarten Webapp

Type of work

UI/UX Design

Wordpress Development



Website Design




Color Palette






Client's Testimonial

Their technical expertise and quick understanding of our needs enabled a smooth project from start to finish.

Though still in the product’s early stages, UIUX Studios robust team has already demonstrated their ability to deliver outstanding quality at a reasonable price. They encourage collaborative and transparent engagement, but can apply their in-depth industry expertise more regarding design opinions.

I knew Indian companies tend to produce top-notch apps at affordable prices, so I searched Google for “best web development companies in India.” I shortlisted several of the companies that appeared on multiple lists, one of which was UIUX Studios. After conducting more thorough research and sending out inquiries, UIUX Studios ultimately ranked the highest.

All I had was an idea, so I needed a good company to help bring it to life. Also, since the leading school management apps are dominated by global giants, I wanted a sound web app with excellent UI/UX to help attract potential users

I would have preferred that they challenge my ideas or suggestions more. They have substantial development experience that I simply do not. Not everything I thought I wanted in the app would be best for the UX, so I would have appreciated hearing their constructive criticism.

Tarek Oraby (Owner, Click4Services)