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Digital platforms 4 Catalyzing Adoption of improved Seed access, production and Technology. Lack of access to quality and improved seeds by distant smallholder producers is a major constraint in tackling the global challenges of food, nutrition and climate security. Digital technologies can play a facilitating role in enabling adoption and diffusion of improved varieties to smallholder farmers. We designed 4CAST application UI/UX Design to improve Digital Seed Roadmap, Seed catalogue designed and deployed to support actors in the seed value chain.



Website redesign and development project for the international delivery platform. The key challenge was to simplify the design structure, yet make it stand out and appear distinct with updated accent colours. Keeping clean, minimalistic, and at the same time, attention-grabbing UI was our main priority.



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UI/UX Design

Angular Development


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Mobile First Approach

Every web service we build accents the priority of mobile devices and design responsiveness. This case is a perfect representation of how web applications can serve as a perfect "market starter". While the company is at the early stage of the launch, they decided to first deliver a web application to make it available for users during the development of native applications. This approach also helps to rapidly test features and new the design system.

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Client's Testimonial

The unique design flair the team brought to the site was very impressive.

The platform successfully launched, and the client is pleased with the results. The UIUX Studios team maintains a seamless workflow, quickly turning around high-quality deliverables. The goal of this project was to build an easy to navigate website that could be hosted in a multi-language format. The Website needed to the farming communities.

Jonathan Metcalfe